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Here's why you’re not converting as much as you should. And what you can do about about it…Multinationals have more budget, more personnel and more power than us. And when it comes to marketing, they can crank out as much content as CO2. So how do you make sure your story doesn't end up at the bottom of a landfill? That's where I come in. For years, massive companies have been pumping millions of euro's into manipulating the Google search algorithm. But the world of SEO has changed, and one good article can outperform a 1000 poorly written pieces of AI-nonsense. And I can help you with that one good article. Or even a few of them.I write well-researched copy about your company. But even more importantly, I write content that is fun to read. Content with rhythm. And a clear message. Because when people have a smile on their face, their ears are open to your story.

Blogs for Insole Brand Primal Soles

I wrote 2 blogs a month to increase traffic to the Primal Soles website ‍

Step right in!

Linkedin Ads for FinTech SaaS Yokoy

I wrote the content for ads to send social media visitors to a landing page

Check out ads you WANT to see!

Landing Pages for FinTech SaaS Yokoy

I tested different types of messaging to convince visitors to book a demo

Discover how much I saved them!

Blogs for IT Company GPT Workspace

I created a content calendar based on SEO research and ran it with multiple blogs per month

Read what ChatGPT couldn't write!

News articles for Animals Today

I wrote 2 articles a month for the online news platform Animals Today

Read the wildest stories!

E-Learnings for Medical Company Incision

I wrote e-learnings for surgical teams

See which ones made the cut!

Blogs for B2B SaaS Turtl

I wrote blogs to create more visibility for this company

Ontdek hoe deze schildpad de race wint

Website Copy for Software Acquisition Company Best Byte

I rewrote this website with a clear value proposition

See why Best Byte acquired my services


You should speak the language of your audience. But most people don't. They talk to their audience instead of with them. But what if you literally don't speak the language? How do you make sure that your message comes across exactly as you intended it?

Let's be honest. Many translators can translate a text. But they make it bland in the process. Sleep inducing even. Your audience doesn't know or care how funny the original text is. They're already asleep.

We can do better than that.

I'm fluent in Dutch and English. And I write copy in both languages. So where other translators translate the words, I translate your message. Just translating your copy ad verbatim is not good enough. It kills the magic.

So, are you rocking the English market, but is your Dutch copy falling flat? I'm your guy.

You don't have any Dutch copy, but you want some? I'm your guy.

And do you also want your texts translated to Swahili? Then… I'm not your guy. You need a different guy.

But do you want rock-solid copy in Dutch AND English? Then get in touch now!

Translations for Sympower

I translated one pagers from Dutch to English

A powerful message
Two arms. One holding a piece of cork oak and another holding a Primal Soles cork insole.

Translations for Insole Brand Primal Soles

I translated blogs from English to Dutch

Walk right in!
Two arms. One holding a piece of cork oak and another holding a Primal Soles cork insole.


Sanjay is a tried and true professional, but with a personal touch to his communication that is unlike any copywriter I have ever worked with. I love working with him.
David Even

Founder @ Primal Soles

Sanjay is zeer kundig op onderwerpen als SEO en het schrijven van journalistieke artikelen. Hij houdt zich daarnaast aan afspraken en levert tijdig zijn opdrachten in.
Estefania Pampin Zuidmeer

Eindredacteur @  Animals Today

Benieuwd wat ik voor jou kan doen?

Je kan het prima zelf doen. Ik kan ook mijn eigen bekabeling aanleggen thuis. Maar als ik dan de lichtschakelaar omzet en mijn magnetron vliegt in de fik, dan baal ik ook dat ik geen specialist heb ingehuurd.

Dus bespaar jezelf de verkoolde lasagna en laat je gegevens achter, of mail me direct. Dan heb je binnenkort teksten waar je klanten van in vuur en vlam staan.
Waar loop je tegenaan?
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